Book a private time with your teacher

We would like to offer you the opportunity to connect with the teacher that you can feel a connection with. You have the option to add to your subscription either a 30 minutes or 45 minutes  session with the teacher of your choice.  Please understand that the teachers have a limited number of students they can take on each month. If your favorite teacher is not available this month, please check again in a few days to see if the situation has changed or maybe you wish to try someone else.

Alternatively you can get a monthly subscription and practise with the videos and book a 60 minutes private class with your teacher when you feel you need it.

Anna Laurin

Ashtanga Yoga / Meditation

KPJAY Institute in Mysore India blessed Anna with the respected authorisation to teach ashtanga yoga in 2014 after ten years of practice. Anna has also studied meditation with the respected Canadian buddhist and psychotherapist Michael Stone since 2006.

Charlie Taylor-Rugman

Ashtanga Yoga

Charlie is one of the few Ashtanga Yoga teachers directly authorized by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 25 years and is also a Personal Transformation Coach. He also develops tailor made practices.

Janita Lavonen

Yin Yoga / Yoga Therapy

Janita is a physiotherapist, ashtanga yoga, yin yoga and yogatherapy instructor. Janita teaches yoga with a physiotherapeutic and holistic approach. She aims to highlight body and self awareness, the significance of breath and safe asana technique.

Jenna Rignell

Childrens Yoga and Dance

Jenna has a MA degree in dance pedagogy, RYT200 in hathayoga and has studied 136 hours of children’s yoga teaching, also for children with special needs. She has shared her love for dance with children since 2004 and love for yoga since 2009.

Marjukka Org

Emotional and Consciousness Coaching

In Marjukka’s private sessions you can open up about your problems and limitations. She will offer you a wider perspective and together you can find specific solutions and techniques that will help you to move towards a healthier and happier life.

Mikaela Soldan

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Mikaela is a RYT500. She has studied yoga at ISHTA Yoga NYC and teaches ISHTA yoga (integrated sciences of hatha, tantra and ayurveda). She wants to encourage students to find their own individual truth, both on and off the yoga mat.

Mikko Seppinen

Ashtanga Yoga

Mikko has the Level 2 teaching authorization by KPJAYI. Based in Copenhagen he has been leading workshops also in Europe, Asia and Africa. Mikko wants to inspire the passion for the practice and to help students to be sincere rather than serious.

Sami Mälkiä

Pranayama / Ashtanga Yoga

Sami’s pranayama classes offer traditional breathing techniques to affect your thoughts and emotions. His experience in ashtanga yoga and pranayama has made him understand the importance of deep breathing in our well-being.

Virpi Karjalainen

Ashtanga Yoga / Reiki

Virpi has been teaching since 1997 and has the Level 2 Authorization from KPJAY Institute. Experience has deepened her understanding of the practice and the needs of different students. Virpi is also a Reiki Master and does Reiki healing at a distance.

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