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Restore balance and energy | Live with more clarity and vitality | Increase productivity
Are you waking up at night due to stress? Or having trouble falling asleep?
Are the demands of your work and/or personal life making you anxious?
Do you ever feel as if you were a pressure cooker about to burst and you really have to work hard not to lose your temper?
Have your loved ones mentioned how irritable and uptight you are? Is your family life suffering from your work related stress?

Operating regularily under a great deal of pressure, long working hours, competition and economic demands can be problematic. Chronic stress can effect the immune system, contribute to anxiety or even depression. It can also have and effect on emotions, important physiolocical functions and vitality.

On top of the health consequences working and living under excessive stress has an effect on your performance and productivity. It can make you irritable, short-tempered and you may lose clarity in your leadership. It can also have an effect on your relationships – both professional and personal.

The DoLife Method was designed specifically to help you gain back the joy of life, improve every aspect of your life and wellbeing. You will learn to relax and calm both your mind and body. Restore energy, gain clarity and view things from a wider perspective. Increase vitality and productivity.

DoLife Method techniques include iRest® relaxation, co-meditation with your coach, breathing techniques, visualization and other mental techniques as well as yoga when applicable.

3 month personalized program

Your pesonal program will be crafted specifically for your needs.

By practising with your coach you will create neurological shifts in your brains that will lead to new ways to respond to circumstances, conflicts and your environment. Your performance will improve both personally and professionally and you will be better equipped to deal with the challenges life will throw your way.

Details of the program

After filling out your inital assesment you will have a Jump Start Call with Virpi. Then you will get your personalized 90 day program for your private sessions as well as other proven tools, techniques and practises that create fast change in your wellbeing

Group Coaching / Company Events

Are your employees working under a lot of pressure?

Is stress affecting their productivity?

Are you looking for program for your team day?

Our group stress relief sessions are perfect for a one off event, but even better results are achieved with regular weekly classes.

Want to have an effect on every aspect of your life?

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