Surely it would be nice to be able to be in the class with the teacher and other students. But some of us prefer the privacy of our homes or the schedule or distance makes it impossible to actually go to a class. So.. boring or not. At least I can do something to improve my life :).

Run out of excuses to start today?

There are a lot of reasons and benfits of doing your practise online:

  • If you are shy or feel uncomfortable in crowds, this is your place to start with
  • Maybe there are not so many opportunities around your home
  • You can choose the time that suits you

Don’t think like yoga is your thing? Not to worry. There are other ways to get started with improving your life.

Maybe you are interested in feeling better in general. Check out our nutrition courses. Or maybe you want to start working on your emotions through one of the options we offer. Find out more under Welbeing.

Author: DolifeAdmin

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