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Refresh Your Body and Mind Retreat

5 days in a Castle in Italy





5 days of all-inclusive recharging your batteries.

This is about you. Your physical health, your mental and emotional health and more. At DoLife we encourage you to take care of all that makes you well. Discover how an all-inclusive stay can lead to a more enriching future.


Pause, Recharge and Regain Vitality with
Virpi Karjalainen & Liisa Karikuusi


Are you working too hard? Dealing with stress? Or do you simply need some time to pause from the pressures of everyday life? If so, this retreat will help you start your journey towards restoring balance and bringing harmony to both your body and mind. So you will leave feeling renewed and better able to prevent chronic stress from reappearing.

Scientific research has proven that stress is a major source of health and lifestyle issues. That is to say things like anxiety, weight gain, sleep issues and fatigue. Stress is often a factor also in chronic diseases. As a consequence that can even lead to different kinds of addictions. Although eliminating stress from our daily life is impossible, reducing stress and its toxic effects is a good strategy for long term overall physical and mental health. So for example it can improve your mood, boost immune function, promote longevity and allow you to be more productive.

Take a few days for yourself and get started with the process of reducing the effects of stress!

After this retreat, you’ll have tools for your path to complete and sustainable health and wellbeing—leaving inspired, energized, calm, focused, rested and empowered with a rejuvenated spirit!



This retreat is for you if you can tick any of the following:

  • overworked
  • stressed out
  • in need of a break to concentrate on only YOU!
  • suffering from sleep issues or anxiety
  • lacking energy and clarity
  • want to improve your strength, life force and flexibility
  • know you should change your eating habits, but need assistance in getting started
  • want to start the summer by a kick off for your wellbeing






DoLife Method Coach

Virpi is an entrepreneur and an intuitive coach that guides people towards a more balanced life using different techniques in the unique DoLife Method

She has been working in the corporate world for over 30 years and has first hand experience of the demands of the busy business life.

In addition she is one of the most experienced Ashtanga Yoga teachers in Finland as well as iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation teacher.

MSc (Business administration), KPJAYI Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, iRest® Yoga Nidra Level 2 Teacher, Reiki Master & Bioenergy Healer.

Read more about Virpi

Virpi Karjalainen

Virpi Karjalainen

Liisa Karikuusi

Nutrition Coach

Liisa was led to the path of nutrition and wellbeing both through yoga and through having to deal with the demands of her severly handicapped son.

Most recently Liisa has been dedicated to studying functional medicine to help people towards optimal wellbeing and balance by creating personal nutrition plans.

Functional medicine is a dynamic approach to assessing, preventing, and treating complex chronic disease and imbalance in the body.

She has a decades long career as a violinist at the Finnish National Opera. In addition she has a long experience of teaching Ashtanga Yoga.

Diploma of Violin and Violin Pedagogue, KPJAYI Authorized Level 1 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Studies in Homeopathy, Basic Medicine, Nutrition. Studying Functional Medicine with Paula Heinonen.

PROGRAM 10.-14.6.2020



We like to keep things personal. Therefore this retreat has a personalized program – and so we limit the number of participant to a maximum of 15 persons.


As a preparation prior to the retreat you will have a private 30 min talk with Virpi. That is to make sure we know where you are at before coming to the retreat.


Firstly the program includes e.g. daily inspiring talks and exercises, deep relaxation and iRest meditation and optional daily yoga sessions with Virpi. In the daily program she guides you using techiques that will bring you into a new level of empowerment and balance in your life. In addition we will be exploring and experiencing refreshing new mindsets and ideas.

Secondly Liisa will give talks on nutrition that will help you towards a better health through small and manageable changes. She will go over the most important issues in nutrition and how to look at it from a functional point of view. 

Thirdly the course program will be adjusted according to the participants needs. So below you will only find a preliminary schedule. In order to gain maximum benefits there is also space in the program to just be, enjoy the surroundings and digest.


Most importantly we will not leave you to manage alone after the retreat either. In addition to the retreat program, post-retreat support will be available. You will have the option to our coaching after the retreat at a special discounted price.




Spending a few days in the Costaguti Castle is like taking a step back in the time and yet without foregoing present-day comfort.

Only about 1 hour from Rome in an ancient Etruscan village.

At the historical garden there is a salt water swimming pool, tennis court and beautiful places breath and relax.  

In addition to the course program on your free time you will have a possibility to participate in organized short visits to local sights.  



Retreat at the Castello Costaguti – June 10.-14. 2020 

  • Shared Double Occupancy Suite1795€
  • Single Occupancy SuiteEarly Bird 1940 €

Included in the price:

  • Accomodation and Meals (3 meals a day)
  • Pre retreat: questionnaire + 30 min discussion with Virpi
  • Retreat program by Virpi and Liisa
  • Optional daily Yoga class (bring your own yoga mat)



A booking fee of 200€ will be invoiced as soon as the minimum number of participants has been achieved. 

The rest you will pay by credit/debit card at the beginning of the retreat.




Arriving to Castello Costaguti

Getting to know each other and the venue

Short iRest meditation



Day 2-4

Daily program

Yoga (optional)


Daily program 1


Daily program 2 & Free time


Day 5

Departure from Castello Costaguti

Yoga (optional)


Closing of the retreat 



How to contact us

This retreat is arranged in co-operation with ArsMondo. For questions on the venue and arrangements in Italy, please contact

Virpi Karjalainen –

Liisa Karikuusi –


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