Astanga Yoga / Mindfullness / Meditation


Astanga Yoga: 10 years / Meditation: 9 years


Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute Authorised Teacher: Level 1


Anna has practiced meditation and yoga since 2005. She has studied meditation with the respected Canadian buddhist and psychotherapist Michael Stone since 2006. Anna also visits yearly her yoga teacher Sharath Jois at the KPJAYInstitute in Mysore India. KPJAYI blessed her with the respected authorisation to teach ahtanga yoga in 2014. Anna has been teaching ashtanga yoga since 2008 and meditation since 2013 in Helsinki, Thailand and South Africa. She’s also been running sales- and coaching programs through her own company since 2010. For Anna yoga and meditation are ways to relax, learn about herself and experience more joy in her life. Her classes are light and happy and at the same time very much focused on learning and teaching. Students often smile after her classes saying ”I’m so glad I came today!”.
Check out Anna’s videos from the Video section.

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