Yogatherapy / Yinyoga / Ashtanga yoga / Asana technique / Physiotherapy


Ashtanga yoga: 10 years / Yin yoga & Yogatherapy: 3 years


Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy / Ashtanga yoga teacher training


Janita has a Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and has worked in the field of health and wellbeing since 2005 . She has practiced ashtanga yoga since 2006 and taucht since 2014. She has also studied and practiced yogatherapy, Yin yoga and Ayurveda since 2013.
According to Janita’s view and experience, yoga is the best physical therapy there is as it deepens the understanding and wellbeing of the body holistically. Yoga is a multidimensional practice to discover and realize one’s body, mind and soul. She has a yogic approach in her physiotherapy and a physiotherapeutic touch in instructing yoga. It is through our body awareness that we deepen our holistic self knowlege and step by step learn to shift aspects learnt on the mat, out of the mat into the daily life to best benefit our wellbeing.
Janita aims to highlight everyone’s unique nature in her teaching and therapy. In her classes the focus is as well on the breath as it is on the strenght, lightness and openess of the body and mind. In this realm we are, first of all, physical beings, so it is very natural to us to realize our real selves through physical practice.
Check out Janita’s videos from the Video section.

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