Childrens Yoga and Dance, Yoga for Seniors


Ashtanga Yoga: 17 years / Childrens Yoga: 12 years / Dance: 20 years

Master of Arts in Dance Pedagogy
RYT200 in Hathayoga
Holistic Kids Yoga Teacher Training


Jenna has a MA degree in dance pedagogy and RYT200 training in hatha yoga.  She has also taken the 94 hr children´s yogateacher training and a 42 hr yoga training for the special need children.
Jenna has been teaching children´s dance since 2004. From the beginning she has mixed elements of her own yoga journey to the classes. The dance students loved the yoga parts as much as Jenna did and in 2009 she was asked to teach also children´s yoga classes. Since then she has had the wonderful opportunity to share her love for both subjects with hundreds of 1- 16 year old children and their parents. Through teaching Jenna’s love for yoga has only increased since it has proven to be greatly beneficial for different kind of children´s wellbeing, health and happiness of the heart. The yoga classes offer a place with a feeling of togetherness but no competition and invite to focus on process and the feelings more then the goal.
Practicing and living yoga is very natural to children and it is this space that Jenna strives to protect through her teaching.
Children’s Yoga in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lastenjoogaa/
Check out Jenna’s videos from the Video section.

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