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DoLife Method

Rediscover Confidence and Joy 

Live with more Clarity and Passion

Realize your Potential

What is DoLife Method?

The DoLife© Method is designed specifically to help you rediscover confidence, gain back the joy of life, improve your life and wellbeing. Restore confidence, gain clarity and view things from a new or wider perspective. 

Through therapy and coaching you will create neurological shifts in your brains that will lead to new ways to respond. Your performance will improve both personally and professionally and you will be better equipped to deal with the challenges life will throw at you.

DoLife Method therapy, coaching and workshops take professionals who are stressed out, depleted mentally, physically and emotionally, and help them regain energy, focus, calmness and joy. Get back the confidence that will improve all areas of your life. 

Through a combination of tools and techniques, Virpi provides a unique approach to help you live your life to the full. 

Looking to Change Your Life?

6 Weeks Program


Change your mindset and let go of limiting beliefs. Unlock a happier, less stressed, and more balanced life

Find out what has been holding you back and reframe your mindset. In this 6-week program we will uncover limiting beliefs and set you free. 

By releasing the internal roadblocks that are holding you back you will start realizing your potential and unlock the life you are meant to lead. Discover your own power and joy of living. 

12 Weeks Program


Create the future you want

This program will help you rediscover your self-confidence and find the freedom to live with joy. Getting back your self-confidence will affect positively all areas of your life – work, relationships, your self-image. Would you like to gain back the passion for life?

Understanding is power and when you know what has been holding you back, you can start moving forward with new beliefs and habits that will give you the permanent results you desire.  You will get new tools and strategies to help you continue your journey towards your goals. Start living with passion and purpose. 

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This program will help you find out why you have your issue i.e., lack of self-confidence, anxiety, relationship issues etc., create new beliefs and habits to transform your life and set you up for achieving your goals. 

Most people cannot move forward because they have some sort of block, challenge or limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

I use a combination of hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy®) with coaching to help get you unstuck and start creating a more powerful future. These two modalities are extremely powerful in helping you develop new beliefs and habits. 

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) that will eliminate what is holding you back
  • Coaching that will help you achieve your goals  
  • iRest® meditation, breathing exercises and yoga that will assist you on the way to wellbeing

Are you ready to start your journey?

Sessions are held either in Zoom or in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland

Our location

Lauttasaari: Vattuniemenkatu 9 – 00210 HELSINKI

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